Baby Teddy This past week was VERY busy for births–I think there is definitely something to full moons and babies’ arrivals!

My colleague Heidi was out of town for training and asked me to fill in for her, and fill in I did!

Mama Courtney and Daddy Luke welcomed big baby boy Teddy into the world on Thursday evening! He certainly took his time, arriving more than two weeks past Courtney’s “due date” and taking close to 48 hours to get here, but he was welcomed with quite a bit of fanfare and joy! I may have only met Courtney and Luke a few days before Teddy was born, but by the end of the adventure I had spent enough time with them both to get to know them quite well!

Courtney and Luke were amazing, and I continue to be in awe of the amazing strength of women! Congratulations, Courtney and Luke!