Baby Lillian This past Thursday I was at the beautiful birth of baby girl Lillian! Mama Jana and daddy Dave welcomed their fourth child with a beautiful birth! Jana used both Hypnobabies and the TENS unit. Besides the quick and easy labor and birth, my favorite part of the whole thing was pulling over on the side of the road for the three of us to go on a nature walk along a path before we headed to the hospital! We joked at what the runners and cyclists must have thought of us, but Jana was so peaceful laboring by the stream and wildflowers, who really cares! It was truly a wonderful afternoon and evening spent with them, and I even got to sleep in my own bed that night! Their OB was a pleasure to work with and apparently I changed his mind about doulas because he high-fived me and asked for my business cards!

Congratulations Jana and Dave, and welcome Lillian!