One of these days I’ll find the time to post other things, like studies and articles, but for now all I have time for is announcing new JennDoula babies!

Congratulations to new mom M and new dad D on the birth of their baby boy, M, who was born April 27th! Mom was an amazing advocate for herself and her baby, and utilized all the resources I provided her. I hope to work with them for more babies in the future!

Baby Xara Congratulations also to mom Michele and dad Michael on the birth of their second daughter, Xara, who was born in the early morning of April 29th! This was a particularly exciting birth for me because I ended up catching Xara at home! When I arrived at their home, Michele was laboring beautifully, and things progressed VERY quickly! By the time I told Michael to call 911, Xara was just about out! She was born very easily and peacefully and EMS arrived about five minutes after her birth! I think Michele, Michael and I were all a little shocked, but it was pretty cool for all of us! We all headed to the hospital afterwards to check on mom and baby, and it pretty much became a party!

It was such an honor to work with both of these lovely families!