I’ve been away on vacation, and I failed to post a birth announcement in my packing/last minute interviews/prenatals/postpartums I had to take care of before leaving town!

Congratulations to Kate and Chris on the birth of their second daughter, Nora, on June 3rd! Kate had a wonderful, fast VBAC on her guess date! I received a “heads up” text at 9:45am, a “things are picking up, but I’m doing okay” call at 1pm, and a “meet us at the hospital; things have picked up fast!” message by 1:45pm! I arrived a few minutes after they did and baby Nora made her grand entrance less than an hour later! It was quite a time! I even got the privilege of picking up Kate’s mom and daughter at their home and bringing them back to the hospital to see Kate and meet baby Nora! I feel so lucky to join these families for these amazing journeys!

I’m heading home soon, and already have a full schedule when I get back–not sure when I’ll be unpacking! Let’s just hope my July clients give me a couple days to re-acclimate (to the oppressive heat!) before going into labor! Looking forward to summer babies!