I am one tired, but energized doula today! I was called to first-time mama E’s house early this morning and we quickly headed to the hospital, where she had a wonderful squatting birth two and a half hours later! E did a beautiful job and dad N was wonderfully supportive! E was even on the treadmill at the gym for 45 minutes yesterday while in early labor! Let me tell you, staying fit throughout your pregnancy can make a huge difference!

Congrats to E and N on the birth of baby boy J! He is absolutely adorable and was the sweetest, little, alert guy! I couldn’t stop staring! My first client birth with a baby close in size to my boys, so it was a familiar, albeit tiny, baby feeling!

I took a photography class to finally learn how to use my DSLR, and I used my camera to take family pictures after the birth this morning. I can’t wait to share them with E and N–I hope they like them!

E’s parents and sister arrived to meet baby J shortly after his birth, and it was such a great feeling getting a big hug from E’s teary mom, thanking me. I love this job!!

No rest for this doula until later tonight–I ran the boys and I around all day after I got home, and have a prenatal with an August client this evening–I’m going to CRASH later!