I had three births in less than two weeks–all of my July mamas decided to “cluster birth,” so I’ve gotten a little behind! I’ve also been really busy with prenatal visits and interviews, all the while battling a summer cold!

Friday the 13th turned out to be a lucky day for Michael and Stephanie, when they welcomed the arrival of their baby girl, Leila! Stephanie had a VERY long and slowly progressing labor, but once things got going, Leila rewarded her with only a few short hours of hard labor and less than half an hour of pushing! Stephanie was one tough mama and her providers were extremely supportive of her choice to birth unmedicated! Leila was one big girl and her entrance dramatic, but she’s the sweetest little roly poly! Leila was quickly greeted by all the grandparents, who had been eagerly lurking around the hospital, waiting for her arrival! I even enjoyed a cupcake with the newly expanded family!

Congratulations Michael and Stephanie! I had a fun couple days of birthin’ with you all!