Baby Mason Saturday was an exciting morning for mama Stephanie, daddy Trent, and me! Stephanie and Trent and big brother Karson welcomed baby boy Mason in their home after a very fast labor! Stephanie called me at 7:11am to let me know labor had begun. At 7:28, Trent called back and asked me to come. I was pulling out of my driveway at 7:55 when Stephanie called again and said she wanted to leave for the birth center as soon as I got there. I arrived at 8:09 to find Stephanie pushing! I quickly took action and helped welcome baby Mason at 8:22! Luckily, Trent had called the midwife and asked her to come to the house instead once Stephanie realized she couldn’t get in a car, and the first midwife arrived at 8:35. I was grateful to let her and the other midwife take over so I could take photos, marvel at baby Mason, and help clean up. Big brother Karson slept through the entire thing and met his brother about an hour later.

Congratulations Stephanie and Trent! Such a beautiful family!