Congratulations to mama L and daddy M on the birth of their first child, daughter M! Mama L and Kathy from my previous post were in labor at the same time, which made for an interesting day! I ended up needing to send a backup to L&M for her labor, but once Kathy delivered and was settled, I hightailed it to L and walking in just as baby M was being born! Talk about timing! Even though I missed her labor, it was an honor seeing L&M become parents and helping with nursing and those initial parenting moments. It was also great that I was able to be there to take those first family photos together. I even got to bond with baby girl M while mama L ate some dinner!

Here’s hoping when L&M decide to expand their family, I get to join in for the whole party! I’m so thankful for my wonderful backup colleagues, but I love to see my clients labor and birth!