These next few are woefully behind, but they all deserve to be announced!

Congratulations to mom Terri and Dad John on the birth of their second child, daughter Hannah, who was born back in November! She joins big brother Nate! Terri was planning for a VBAC, and she worked hard to make that happen! We were surrounded by love and support and amazing birth professionals, but in the end, Terri had another Cesarean, one that was much more empowering and positive than her first. It just goes to show how the same type of birth can be experienced completely differently when a woman feels empowered and supported in her choices! I’m so proud of both Terri and John for their amazing strength during the three-day labor! They made some incredible choices throughout the time we were together, and it made all the difference in the emotional outcome of the birth!

Congratulations to you all!