IMG_8329 Congratulations to Emily and Nathan on the birth of their second child, daughter Emma! Emma joins big brother Adam in the family! Emily had had a couple weeks of stop and start labor, so it was exciting when the time had FINALLY come! I was headed to Emily and to the hospital when another mama called to tell me she wanted to head to the hospital as well! Luckily, it was the same hospital! I arranged for a backup, the wonderful Maria, and once I realized my other mama was going to deliver before Emily, I had Maria go with her. Emily was in excellent hands, having Maria, Nathan, her mother, and mother-in-law all supporting her!

IMG_8399 I was able to check in (I felt like Steve Martin in Father of the Bride II!) all day and help out where I could. The timing the way it was, I unfortunately missed baby Emma’s arrival by five minutes, but I spent quite a bit of time photographing the newest member of the family in their first moments together. If they decide on more children, I hope I get another chance to be with them the entire time!