IMG_0005 I attended a hard but hilariously fun birth this week! Congratulations to Noelle and Jonathan on the birth of their first child, daughter Gianna! Baby’s sex was a surprise, and since Noelle was approaching 42 weeks pregnant and had to work really hard during her labor, she got that great bonus of the surprise at the end of it all–and she waited a long time! I had to pull out all my doula stops to help Noelle birth baby Gianna. At one point in her labor, while I was making her do some tricky positional exercises, Noelle said she hated me! It happens, but I think she was pretty pleased in the end, and she worked really hard! Jonathan was a great birth partner–a “dadla”–and Noelle’s parents were there to help out too! 🙂 Congratulations Noelle and Jon, and please call me again if you decide not to adopt all the rest, as Noelle declared! 😉