Here’s what people are saying about Jenn’s doula services…

Post-VBAC bliss!

We highly recommend Jenn as a doula! Hands down, she was fabulous in so many ways:

1) Jenn is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. She was always responsive regardless of the hour I contacted her, and she had so many resources immediately available to us — a personalized lavender flaxseed bag and a TENS unit for pain, a great chiropractor recommendation, helpful daily stretches, tips for my husband, homeopathics, a good backup doula, suggestions on postpartum recovery, and more.

2) Jenn has a great balance of experience, calmness, humor and attentiveness. The day of my labor she was aware of everything that was going on and knew who to ask if we had additional questions. She had me laughing even through the worst contractions. She was always two steps ahead in terms of suggesting new positions to labor in, reminding us of our birth plan in the midst of chaos, and making sure my husband and parents were well rested and fed so they could better support me. Somehow through all this, she diligently documented the day’s events down to the minute and later created a timeline for us as a keepsake.

3) Most important, Jenn is likeable, personal, and easy to work with. Labor can be a time of stress. You have to be able to trust and communicate freely with your doula for them to be effective. Jenn provided that for us. Despite the poop and pain, the delays and disappointment with my birth plan, the personalities to juggle (mine, my husband’s, my parents), Jenn rolled with it all. She felt like a family member, put everyone at ease, and was an invaluable asset that we’d definitely use again!!

– Noelle, first time mom

Jenn was a wonderful doula! She was incredibly knowledgeable and always took whatever time was needed to answer my questions and address my concerns. She provided exactly the type of information I was interested in, specifically homeopathic remedies and ways to avoid potentially unneccessary traditional medical treatments. When the big day came, she provided amazing support to me, but especially to my husband. We were able to get to the hospital a bit later, and thus avoid any interventions (as specified by my birth plan). I am certain that without Jenn, I would have convinced my husband to take me in early and would have had a much different birth. I would highly recommend Jenn to anyone interested in hiring a doula.

– Amy, first time mom

Jenn was our AMAZING doula at the birth of our daughter. I cannot more highly recommend her. When we first met Jenn I knew I wanted an unmedicated birth, but had a lot of trepidation and fears about birth. By the time I was ready to birth I was confident and excited for the experience. I was never scared during my birthing time, and I largely credit this to Jenn for helping me learn to trust my body. Jenn also empowered and helped my husband to know how to best support me….When it was my birthing time, Jenn met us at our home and helped me labor at home. She was calm, read me Hypnobabies scripts (Jenn is very knowledgable about Hypnobabies), applied pressure to my back, and generally made me feel comfortable. She helped me talk through my fears about going to the hospital before we left. At the hospital Jenn never left my side. When I felt like my labor was never going to end, or I started to doubt my baby would ever be born, I’d look to Jenn and she helped reassure me and focus me….Jenn is wonderful. I can’t wait for her to be our doula again when we have another child. Jenn was a crucial part of helping me have an amazing birth.

– Kassia, first time mom

Jenn was amazing before, during, and after the birth of our first child! Since we had just moved to the area and were only staying for a few months, she showed me around the area, including a maternity and infant consignment shop, a fabulous cafe, and the nearest whole foods, in addition to the pre-partem visits. Jenn was always prompt and professional and followed up every visit with an email answering any questions we had along with helpful websites and articles. We were very prepared by the time I went into labor. Jenn met us at our place and drove to the hospital with us. She was extremely invaluable during labor, helping to relieve my pain, staying calm, taking notes which would later be typed into a labor play-by-play (which is fun to read and remember), and even sitting behind me supporting my weight for the entire pushing stage since the hospital didn’t have the squat bar they claimed at the site visit! She took pictures of us and our baby afterwards and gave them to us on a cd. She stayed until the baby latched a bit and we were settled into the post delivery room. I’m so happy that we chose Jenn as our doula! I’m sure the birth would have been much more stressful without her! And in choosing Jenn as our doula, we also gained a friend!

– Kathy, first time mom

Jenn was available from day 1 with tips, tricks, encouragement, an available library of texts/dvds, and a listening ear at all hours. She was honestly interested in how the pregnancy was going, what I thought of the midwives/birthing center I eventually chose, and checked in regularly. I knew I could ask her anything that was on my mind, at any time….Jenn came rushing in at 8:11am, ready to go with a bag full of supplies, and caught my son at 8:22am. She was so calm, intuitive, and strong, and I wasn’t scared in the slightest. She knew exactly what to do, instructing my (now-bewildered) husband to fetch towels, a heating pad, etc. and somehow managed to even crack jokes with me (at one point, through the “ring of fire”, I told her that,” **Expletive**, it hurts!!” She laughed and said,”Um, well, you’re pushing out a baby…”). Honestly, I felt more at ease with her than I would have if my midwives had been present. I knew I was in safe hands, even if this wasn’t “the plan”, and she was an invaluable support to me when I needed her. I truly believe that my subconscious knew how badly I wanted a homebirth and how comfortable I felt with Jenn, and that’s why my labor progressed so quickly when I knew she was en route. Post-birth, Jenn snapped a ton of photos for us as we all rested and got settled….She was nothing short of incredible every step of the way and was an invaluable asset throughout the entire adventure. If I had another child, I would call and book Jenn before even telling my own family I was pregnant…. that’s how much I would recommend her as a doula. She is worth much more than she charges and will be the best money you spend on your baby’s birth. Seriously… stop reading and call her already! You will NOT regret it.

– Stephanie, second time mom

Jenn is a fantastic birth doula! My husband and I wanted a birth doula to provide support and assistance during a non-medicated hospital birth. Jenn provided excellent support during labor and delivery, as well as great prenatal support. In addition to our prenatal meetings, Jenn was available via phone, text, and email to answer questions, a service for which I was grateful. Jenn’s support and encouragement was especially appreciated as a medically necessary induction required us to ditch our birth plan. Having someone 100% dedicated to us during labor was really helpful. The hospital nurses and midwife were in and out of the room, and Jenn’s consistent support, massage, and guidance provided a great deal of comfort. Ultimately, with Jenn’s support, I was able to avoid an epidural and have a successful vaginal delivery.

– Molly, first time mom

I interviewed five doulas, all of whom were very nice and professional, but when I met Jenn, it was an easy decision to confirm her to be part of my pregnancy and birth. I was looking for someone who would help encourage me and support me in my plans for having a natural birth, while having the intuition to support me should I chose otherwise in the heat of the moment. Jenn was warm, confident, knowledgeable, and worked well with me, my husband and all of the hospital staff. She made me feel in control and comfortable, and ultimately helped provide me my ideal (and natural!) birth, resulting in a beautiful, healthy little girl.

– Rosanna, first time mom

All throughout the labor process Jenn was focused, calm and poised which was a great energy in the room during the stressful labor. She never tired of giving me the facts and reminding me of my birth plan. Jenn has amazing stamina and never tired of holding my hand and helping me feel comfortable the whole time.

– Sandra, VBAC mom

The biggest shout out in the world goes to Jennifer W., one of [the volunteer]
Doulas and to [the midwife] for sending her to me. Jenn sacrificed more
than 30 hours of her life to help me start my little boy’s and I am
touched to the heart for her compassion.

– LD, first time mom

[Jenn] is a fellow VBAC mom and truly understands the emotions that go with VBAC. I highly recommend Jenn and think that she would be wonderful for both home births and hospital births. While I had a hospital birth, I spent most of labor at home and was only at the hospital for 1.5 hours before our son was born and she helped make the hospital environment calm and quiet and as close to a homebirth in a hospital as possible. I truly believe she is one of the reasons I had such a fast, relaxed, and beautiful birth. After the birth, she stayed with me for several hours until I was settled in a postpartum room. While my husband had to go with the baby to the nursery for the standard baby assessment, she stayed by my side and it was like having a close friend with me. Since the birth, she has checked in with me several times and has come to our house to see how we are doing and talk about the birth and any postpartum questions we have. We are so glad she was our doula!

– Sarah, VBAC mom

Without Jenn I don’t know what we would have done: despite feeling prepared for every outcome, I wasn’t, and was very happy to have Jenn’s experience and attitude backing me up when it became clear that we needed her help. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jenn as a doula to any expecting mother interested in having a tough, knowledgeable, and caring advocate for her rights and well-being at her side.

– Luke, first time dad

Many times I wanted to give up and get the epidural, but with her homeopathics, massage techniques, TENS unit, encouragement to breathe, and reassurances that I could do this, she helped get me through the very difficult labor.
She is also extremely knowledgeable–I always felt like I was in good hands because she knew so much about so many topics related to labor and delivery and babies.
Jenn goes above and beyond not only in labor but in all her client relations.

– Eva, first time mom

During labor she was there for me, anticipating what I would want next and supported me through the processes. She helped me have a wonderful hypno birth, and helped me remember to relax and focus. This was my 4th child and I’m sad I didn’t have her for my other three. I had my best birth experience. My doctor, who is a regular OB, thought she was amazing and asked for her card so he could recommend her to his patients. He didn’t even like doula’s before my birth. Jenn is amazing, you can’t go wrong hiring her to be your doula.

– Jana, fourth time mom

I had a great birth experience with Jenn. Her expertise was very utilized in my long, diificult VBAC. She was helpful with natural pain relief techniques and so much more. She was respectful of my wishes and kept me focused. I appreciated having her training and knowledge when it was needed and would recommend her to any mom, especially VBAC moms. She is well worth the investment!

– Meg, VBAC mom

Jenn was absolutely wonderful. I felt comfortable with her immediately during our initial consultation and knew she was a match for me. She was just the kind of support I was looking for as a single parent. She was funny, personable, knowledgeable, professional, supportive, enthusiastic…and so much more.

– Jamilah, first time mom

On the night I went into labor, Jenn came over the moment I needed her and provided constant encouragement to my husband and me. After only a few hours, my water broke and my labor rapidly progressed leading to the birth of my second child 19 minutes later. Needless to say, Jenn was invaluable as we were not able to get to the hospital. She caught the baby and took all the various precautions to make sure the baby was okay while we waited for the emergency response. Her actions were even more commendable because she had never delivered a baby before, but managed to keep a level head all while providing continuous reassurance. By the time the ambulance arrived, the baby was successfully nursing thanks to Jenn’s quick action. I did not plan for a home birth, but thanks to Jenn’s skills and attitude, it was the best experience I could have hoped to have. I would definitely recommend Jenn to anyone and hope that she is available if/when I am pregnant in the future.

– Michele, second time mom

Jenn was an amazing doula. She was very supportive and helpful throughout my pregnancy and birthing time. We would hire her again as our doula. We used hypnobabies and she was very knowledgeable and even read scripts to me when my iPod stopped working at 3:00 in the morning! Jenn rocks!

– Laura, first time mom